Lena Dunham unterstützt Hillary Clinton im Wahlkampf Foto: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Die 29-Jährige unterstützt Hillary Clinton im Präsidentschaftswahlkampf und zwar (wie gewohnt) auf ihre ganz eigene Art und Weise. Sie trägt nämlich Kleidung auf der überall "Hillary" steht. Ihr Instagram-Account ist schon voll mit den tollen Outfits. Welches gefällt Ihnen am besten?


It's been real special to have @audreygelman on this trip with me. She's the first person who encouraged me to engage with the political process, back when I was an apathetic and sleepy college sophomore focused almost exclusively on eBay and she was a rabble rousing, bandanna wearing activist (10 years later she's still rabble rousing but wears fewer bandannas.) I'm so proud of all she's done since, and she's emboldened me to educate myself and share my perspective. Thank you, Aud. Meanwhile, many of you have been asking why Hillary Clinton is my candidate of choice and in the coming week I'll share a longer piece of writing about why she has my support. For now, happy to meet so many across the Hawkeye State ❄️

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